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Tiffany Miranda On Her Early Career, Creating Girls Make Beats & More

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As with a lot of the people we interview, producers wear many different hats. In fact, even you reading this, you probably do more than just make beats & make music. Today we’re sitting with Tiffany Miranda the founder of the non-profit organization Girls Make Beats. After engineering for artists like Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Lil Uzi Vert & more, Miranda looked to pave her own way through Girls Make Beats and has garnered support from all over the industry.

[istandard]: Hey Tiffany, let everyone know who you are and what you do?

Tiffany Miranda: My name is Tiffany Miranda. I am a singer, music producer, DJ, audio engineer, and proud founder of a nonprofit organization called Girls Make Beats.

[istandard]: When did you first come up with the Girls Make Beats idea? Where did it all start? Take us through the history of your brand.

Tiffany Miranda: I started very early on in the music industry as a recording artist. I was featured on shows like American Idol and X-Factor and was offered various contracts at the early stages of my career. However, I felt that I had very little control of the creative direction of my projects. I found that there was a lot of creative control in music production and audio engineering and became fascinated with it.

I eventually found successes in engineering for industry hip hop heavy hitters such as DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Lil Uzi Vert and more but as I made my journey through the more technical fields of music, I faced a lot of challenges and found that there were very few women in those fields. I then became passionate about finding out the reasons why and addressing those reasons with the formation of my nonprofit organization, Girls Make Beats.

I was inspired to start Girls Make Beats because of the personal challenges I faced as a woman in the music industry. There were instances where I felt I was treated unfairly simply due to the fact that I am a woman. It was rare for people to see me behind a mixing console and running Pro Tools efficiently. Prior to even taking that seat, during internships, I was stuck doing paper work while my male counterparts had opportunities to sit in on recording sessions. I knew there was a need for change! I then became inspired to encourage young women to explore and excel in these fields.

[istandard]: How has the producer community embraced Girls Make Beats? What creatives & brands have supported your vision thus far?

Tiffany Miranda: Girls Make Beats has been well received in the music industry. Many producers and engineers have offered their insight and support. We've had everyone from Major Lazer, Marcella Araica, and Jimmy Douglass come to speak to our girls. We have also received tremendous support from industry titans such as Avid Pro Tools, Ableton, Pioneer DJ, Serato, Native Instruments, Focusrite, Guitar Center, iHeartRadio, Studio Center Miami, Record Plant Recording Studio, SAE Institute, Toyota and Paramount Pictures.

[istandard]: It really seems like you have an extreme passion for what you do. How do you celebrate your successes?

Tiffany Miranda: I am very passionate about what I do because it stems from my struggles and challenges in my path in the music industry. I think as hardworking individuals, we often forget to celebrate our successes. I celebrate my successes by enjoying "time off" with my loved ones and really taking time to "smell the roses." Although, I'm always striving for "more," I congratulate myself on each success and use it as fuel and affirmation to push forward towards achieving even more.

[istandard]: Did you have a mentor or any training in the music world?

Tiffany Miranda: I was mostly self taught and cannot say that I had one particular mentor. I did, however, learn a lot by taking the initiative to sit in on various sessions from experienced engineers and producers.

[istandard]: What can we look forward to in the near future from you?

Tiffany Miranda: I am extremely excited about the launch of our LA chapter. We are now creating opportunities for our girls to become Pro Tools certified and create and record music for major artists. We are also providing a platform for them to gain internships at various major recording studios and film placements.

[istandard]: What advice can you give young female producers looking to stand out in today's music climate?

Tiffany Miranda: My advice to women looking to find their way in music production, is to equip themselves with as much as knowledge and skills as possible because at the end of the day that is what ultimately helped me persevere through my challenges. It's important to have confidence and not falter but still be open to constructive criticism from your peers. There is definitely a fine balance.

[istandard]: Where can we find you online?

Tiffany Miranda: You can find us online at Follow us on IG: @girlsmakebeats. You can help by spreading the word of the work we are doing!

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