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Ol’ Burger Beats: “RIP Parlan”

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My instrumental palette was pretty basic when I first started getting into hip-hop but it’s cats like Ol’ Burger Beats, Fredfades, Tek.Lun and more that help me discover the multitude of sounds that are out there.

Mutual Intentions is a label based out of Norway containing acts like Ivan Ave, Fredfades and more. Today though I have Ol’ Burger Beats who released one of my favorite albums last year in “Mind Games”, he’s here with a new single from his upcoming tape “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind”. This tape was born during the “Mind Games” sessions, featuring 23 unreleased tracks with some remixes and unreleased verses, “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind” is in essence a supplement to the “Mind Games” LP.

The first single from the project is called “RIP Parlan” which debuted on The Find Mag earlier today. Here’s what Ol’ Burger Beats had to say, you can stream the single below and keep it locked as “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind” releases June 8th.

"The first single from Out of Sight, Out of Mind is called RIP Parlan, and has an interesting story in itself. It's a tribute and dedication to the great jazz piano player Horace Parlan, who was born in Pittsburgh, but lived most of his life in Scandinavia as many other jazz musicians. He was stricken with polio when he was little, so his left hand was slightly paralyzed. Still, he played as soulfully and brilliantly as anyone and is one of my favorite pianists. He passed away just a few weeks before Mind Games was released, and this track was planned to be included on the album, but was left out in the last minute. A lot of the tracks on Mind Games was sampled from my fathers record collection, and that's where I discovered Horace Parlan's albums too. My dad lives on the west coast of Norway, and was kind of tired of me stealing (or borrowing but not bringing back) his records at the time, so I dubbed the sample on cassette and brought it back to Oslo with me. That's why it has that lo-fi sound, it's no digital replication used, it's a reflection of the actual home-taping-kills-music sound of the cassette era."

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