Chris Brown Heartbreak On A Full Moon

Seven [istandard] Alumni Land Production Credit On Chris Brown’s “Heartbreak On A Full Moon”

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In the not too distant past, urban legend Chris Brown, released an epic collection of Forty-five songs titled "Heartbreak On A Full Moon". Breezy's work ethic is the stuff of legends among creatives and his willingness to collaborate is too. Seven [istandard] alumni contributed to the now RIAA certified Gold project. We caught up with six of the seven (D.A. Doman was unavailable at press time.) for a quick Q and A about their placements and advice to new producers on utilizing the [istandard] platform. 

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When was your first time participating in an istandard producers show? Did you win?

Trilogy-  I did not win my first time in NYC in 2015. But I got 2nd place two months later.

 B Ham- I did the show one time in LA in 2013, four years ago. I did win.

Cratos-  My first time participating was during the summer of 2016 in Houston, TX.  I got 2nd place.

Foreign Teck- I was 17 years old so that was 6-7 years ago now. & it was here in Miami & yes I won. Shit felt like I won a Grammy at the time. 

Cardiak- The first time I did an iStandard show was 2007 & I came in 2nd place.

ISM- My first time doing an istandard showcase was in 2015. I won first place.


What did you learn about yourself after your first istandard experience?

Trilogy-  I learned that any critique can be used in a positive light. It's ok to have your own sound.

B Ham-  Right after I won the competition I met Redwine (Producer of Tinashe “2 On”). He went on to introduce to me many ppl in the industry that I still work with today. It definitely put me in a better position. 

Cratos- I learned that I was more self-confident. I started making beats in 2013 and would always wonder if I was good enough to win a contest or land a placement. I just continued to learn and work on my craft every day until I felt like I was ready to enter into a contest.

Foreign Teck- That was the moment I truly started believing in myself because prior to that I never had complete strangers or industry execs give me opinions on my music, especially with raw pure honest feedback. So once I won I realized this is for me

ISM-  After my first istandard experience, I realized that it wasn't just me and my close family who were fans of my work. I realized I could vibe and connect with people I didn't even know with my music.

Cardiak-  After my first iStandard experience I learned to be more confident in my craft. If you don’t believe in it who else will? 


What is the name of the song[s] you produced on Chris Browns 'Heartbreak On A Full Moon? How did the placement come about?

Trilogy- The song is called "I Love Her" and I worked on it with Amadeus. (Which I met at my first istandard event)

B Ham- I did “Questions” with Pip Kembo and “You Like” with Chizzy Stephens. 'Questions' was placed through A1 Bentley and 'You Like' was placed through Amadeus.

Cratos- I produced on the track “Other Niggas”. The way that placement came about was pretty cool. I had chopped the sample (Ye Ali) that’s on the track and sent it to Foreign Teck. From there, he and Vontae Thomas added the sauce to it all while on Instagram Live. It was pretty dope.

Cardiak- The song is “Confidence”. I was cooking up beats in a session with my guy Soundz. He’s also a producer on the song. We made about 7 beats that night. Later on that week he linked up with Hitmaka, A1 & Goldie. From there “Confidence” was born & the rest was history.

ISM- I produced Party, Hope You Do, and Roses. I was hanging out with my bros in Raleigh late one night and got a call from G (Gary Leon). Picked up and he had A1 on the line. Said he needed a pack so I sped home and shot it thru.That night he and Crishan Came Up with Hope You Do Concept. Shot it thru to me and I just knew it was something. A couple nights later I find out Chris Picked it up and was adamant about it being on the album. I saw the vision, kept shooting packs thru and we kept racking up joints! S/o to the whole RNS (Right Now Sound) Family.

Foreign Teck- I produced "This Ain't" alongside my bros OZ & Tariq Beats, I also did "Otha Niggas" Alongside Vontae Thomas & Cratos. I've been working with CB for about 3 years now and I've been blessed enough to build a solid relationship with him. These records were placed 2 different ways. 'This Ain't' was placed by the writers of the song [A1 & Prince Chrishan]. 'Other Niggas' I actually texted to his engineer "Teezio" and he played it for him on the spot and they instantly cut it.


Advice to up and coming producers looking to get down with istandard events?

Trilogy- Don't let anyone's opinions keep you from your dreams. Always work on being the best at your craft. When you hear criticism, embrace it.

Cratos- Be confident and don’t be afraid to enter. Even if you don’t get the results you want initially, that doesn’t mean you won’t succeed in the future.

Foreign Teck- It's a no-brainer. Why not go out and get your music heard by people that are doing exactly what you want to be doing? And finding success from it as well. I would definitely suggest investing in yourself and attending every event possible. Network and build a brand via their platform. istandard gave me the head start I needed and 6 years later I'm grammy nominated 5X platinum and working on amazing projects. It can happen to anyone

Cardiak- Definitely be confident in presenting your craft to the people. In order for people to believe in you, YOU need to believe in yourself.

ISM- My advice to upcoming producers who are thinking about getting down with the iStandard movement... Do it. You never know what may come out of it. It was in my path!

B Ham- istandard is highly recommended. The alumni consist of many producers that get consistent placements. I flew to LA just to compete in it. Best decision I ever made.


You can follow Trilogy here and here. Cratos can be found here and here. Keep up with Foreign Teck here and here. Cardiak is usually spotted here or here. ISM is social here and here. B Goes Ham here and here.

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Mgmt for Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer Valley
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Author of ‘How I Left My Job & Made It In The Music Industry’