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Since 2005, the name [istandard] has been synonymous with growth, support and success of creators. Our entire staff is made up of producers, engineers, rappers, singers, writers and music lovers. Our creator playlists are simply what we love to listen to.

From alumni lists to themed holiday lists and lists from some of our favorite engineers, producers, writers, sound designers, and more, we want to share from the creator point of view on your favorite streaming outlets! 

We hope to shed light on those who make the biggest and best songs in the world possible. Scroll down for our latest playlists!

Produced by J. Cole

With KOD about to drop we celebrate the production prowess of J. Cole who has made some fire beats for himself and others. Check out our list of songs produced by J. Cole.

Producers [who happen to be women]

We're putting on for the ladies all month and beyond! Check out his dope playlist entitled "Producers Who Happen to Be Women" on Spotify, with 37 tracks of jams produced by some of our favorite female creators! Follow [istandard] on Spotify for more custom creator playlists showing love to the behind the scenes heroes of music. We celebrate the often overlooked contributions of women to the creation of music.

The Alumni List

We present a 3.5 hr collection of tracks produced and written by [istandard] alumni, perfect for a kickback or a road trip. A lot of legends in the making have graced our stages and hallways and we're extremely proud of their success!

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