Aviane Vargas Wears Many Hats and Tells How Producers Can Earn Opportunities

Aviane “Perfection” Vargas Wears Many Hats and Tells How Producers Can Earn Opportunities

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The creative world is in a bit of a renaissance period. People in different lanes are realizing their talents in others and are learning the business of those crafts head on. Aviane "Perfection" Vargas connects with us to discuss all the different areas of the music industry she has worked in and where she looks forward to heading to.

[istandard]: Hey Aviane, let everyone know who you are and what you do?

Aviane: I am a music producer and content creator. I am a co-host on !llmind’s music production podcast called BlapChat. I also co-produce Angela Yee's Lip Service podcast and Cigar Talk on Rap Radar. Before being heavy into the music industry, I used to work as a director of a women’s designer boutique called 3NY. I am actually looking to get back into fashion by developing my own clothing line.

[istandard]: You where many hats in the music industry, you dabbled in styling, you are a producer, a personality on BlapChat and you work as a manager at Engine Room Studio. Let's start with you as a creative, What is your general production style, and who are your musical influences?

Aviane: I’m at the point where I’m still trying to find my "signature sound" but when I am creating, I like my production to have energy and bounce. The type that makes you nod your head and make an ugly face hah! I love crisp snares and bouncy hats. Like I say on BlapChat, no wack snares!

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[istandard]: BlapChat is an amazing platform for creators across the world, how did the show get started and how did you get involved?

Aviane: I actually met Atlas and !llmind at Engine Room through my good friend AKing from the Combat Jack Show. (RIP Combat miss him so much!) I kept in touch with Atlas and attended a few of their 80/20 events where !llmind was spinning. He approached me and told me he wanted me to do an episode of Blap to see how it would turn out, being that there isn’t too much acknowledgment for the "female" producers. I can't lie I was a bit nervous. I didn't know what to expect and was worried about misrepresenting myself but it was amazing. After that they decided to keep me on as a permanent host along with my girl GLAM. I'm super thankful of the opportunity and grateful to be considered.

[istandard]: Engine Room, one of the last dope big studios in NYC, what is your role there and how do you see the evolution of the big studio over the next 3-5 years?

Aviane: I am the assistant studio manager. I've been there for 3 years and have basically touched all aspects of the business. From marketing, booking sessions, being the liason between labels and engineers, scouting talent, co producing shows, curating events, and so much more.

The evolution of the music studio has been very interesting because recording/production is easily accessible to everyone and anyone. Anyone can buy gear and set up shop at home or anywhere else. I think that's what's been detrimental to the studio business over the last couple of years but I think there still is a demand for it because at the end of the day the quality and professionalism will always be needed when working on big releases. It'll be interesting to see what really happens with everything around us evolving.

[istandard]: It really seems like you have an extreme passion for what you do, how do you celebrate your successes?

Aviane: Honestly I'm still learning how to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I think sometimes I focus on doing better, getting better, and being my best that at times I don’t focus on celebrating because I feel like I am not there yet. I do take time off though and spend time with friends, family, and my boyfriend. It’s what keeps me level headed. I like to do the simple things; go out to eat, chill out, smoke something good, hit the movies. I'm focused on traveling a bit more this year.

[istandard]: Did you have a mentor or any training in the music world?

Aviane: I come from a family of musicians so there's some training that comes from there. I've actually taken piano and engineer courses to help benefit my production. In regards to mentors, I have several individuals I look to for advice like !llmind of course, Angela Yee, and Scott Lee who has years of experience in the music industry. I look for mentorship from them not only for music purposes, but for life overall.

[istandard]: What can we look forward too in the near future from you?

Aviane: I am actually focused on releasing an instrumental tape very soon. I haven't set a date yet but I am just working on new production and will eventually put something together. I anticipated releasing it sometime last year but things didn't work out as planned and I'm okay with that. I am learning to not rush my process.

[istandard]:What advice can you give producers looking to stand out in today's music climate?

Aviane: I'd say for producers looking to stand out, make sure your music speaks for itself and be personable. What I've learned in my experience in the industry is that connection really matters. You have to be out in the field and building relationships with people. Show them that you really want it and allow them to see you work. After that everything starts to fall into place.

[istandard]: Where can we find you online?

Aviane: I can be found on Instagram and Twitter with my handle @loveperfection as well as on SoundCloud.com/perfectionproductions. My Facebook fan page is Facebook.com/realperfectionproductions which I am still building.

P.S. I want to thank istandard and Hatch for the opportunity. I think it is a great platform for producers and I am honored to be apart of it.

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