Ali Berry of Beaters Gear on How She Got Started, Tips For Producers & What's Next

Ali Berry of Beaters Gear on How She Got Started, Tips For Producers & What’s Next

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Fashion and clothing has been a long time accomplice of musicians and artists. Style remains a constant fixture in our world and Ali Berry joins us to tell us about her ventures regarding both.

[istandard]: Hey Ali Berry, let everyone know who you are and what you do?

Ali Berry: I am the CEO of Beaters Gear, a clothing line I created that is dedicated to producers. I also sponsor, host, and sometimes judge various beat battles and producer showcases in Atlanta. Many would consider me an advocate for producers.

[istandard]: When did you first come up with the Beaters Gear idea? and why a clothing line for producers? Take us through the history of your brand.

Ali Berry: I used to manage up and coming producers and shop beats for a few already established. A few of the people I’ve worked with are Zaytoven, Drumma Boy, Cassius Jay, and Smitti Boi. I have a history of modeling so I always wanted to start a clothing line but I just couldn’t decide the base of it. Then about 3 years ago while I was on set filming with Zaytoven it just hit me "I want to start a clothing line for producers." It made perfect sense to me. Everybody knew me as the “Beat Broker” and I’ve never seen any other clothing line specifically aimed towards producers so I decided to create one myself.

[istandard]: How has the producer community embraced Beaters Gear? Who has worn the product?

Ali Berry: I have received an overwhelming amount of support from producers, not just in Atlanta but all over the country. Of course Zaytoven was one of the first to wear my product. Surprisingly, Rich Homie Quan purchased merchandise from me while we were in a studio session with Boosie. Also my good friend Focus, Denaun of D-12, my guys from 808 mafia, and J-white of Bodak Yellow have worn my products as well.

[istandard]: Where do you get your inspirations for your designs and slogans?

Ali Berry: Got Beats was my very first slogan used. I’ve always liked it as a spin-off of Got Milk? My main logo was literally freestyled in my head for about a week. I met with a graphic designer and explained to him my vision. I knew I wanted to embody a face wearing headphones, and I wanted pieces of the face to reflect elements of music so I had him use sound bars for the eyes and audio waves for the mouth. My other slogans stem from what I stand for as a producer advocate. Pay the Producer, No Free Beats, What’s Your Budget, all sayings that I was pretty confident that producers would like to walk around wearing.

[istandard]: Did you have a mentor or any training in the fashion world?

Ali Berry: I did not have any type of training or guidance when I created this clothing line. I just did my research and figured out where to put all the pieces of the puzzle. I definitely now have those who I can turn to for advice on marketing strategies and opinions on new designs that I come up with whose critiques I trust, including my friend Focus and of course my family at iStandard.

[istandard]: What can we look forward to in the near future from you?

Ali Berry: You can definitely look forward to new designs and collections from my line. I plan on doing somewhat of a mini tour to a few cities just to expose my brand to more potential customers who may not have seen it yet. I just finished filming with Zaytoven on his latest movie Birds of a Feather 2 so his fans can be on the lookout for that to be released probably this spring. And after years of being scolded by some of my producer friends that I used to work with lol, there is a slight chance that I may go back into managing producers again.

[istandard]: What advice can you give new producers looking to stand out in todays music climate?

Ali Berry: The main thing that I always tell producers is to create your own sound. Do not try to replicate your favorite producers or what you hear in the clubs right now. I also suggest to producers instead of trying to chase after artists to put you on, find your own artist to develop and build with. This is what the pioneers like Timbaland & Dr. Dre did, and even today producers like Mike Will are still succeeding with this method; look at what he’s done with Rae Sremmurd. The last piece of advice I would give is to become more versatile. I know many are obsessed with trap music but I believe you can go further if you have the ability to touch multiple genre of music.

[istandard]: Where can we find you online?

Ali Berry: My website is All of my social media outlets are @Queen_AliBerry and @BeatersGear

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