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[New iNterview] Buda Da Future, Grandz Muzik & Beat Butcha On Producing “ShoNuff” Off Juelz Santana’s God Will’n

Posted By The Certified Genius

First off, congratulations on your placement with Juelz Santana for the God Will’n mixtape; the track is crazy and I salute you for it.

Thank you!  It has been a very humbling experience.  We appreciate all the love and support the track has been receiving!

How did you go about linking up with Juelz Santana? Were you able to meet in the studio and play beats for him in person or did you submit beats to his team by email and go from there?

We linked up with Juelz by networking throughout the city and developing a great relationship with Slow and Bucks from SlowBucks TV/Clothing line.  They set up a session at their studio with Juelz, and Banks.  That is when we played him the Sho Nuff beat.

Was the vocal sample on this song originally part of the beat you that created or is that something that you and Juelz came up with together or something that he did on his own?

Yes it was originally on the beat, I remember Buda being very adamant about adding something from the movie The Last Dragon, because it was his favorite movie.  Once we recorded it into the beat it really took it to the next level!!

Did you originally have Juelz or any other specific artists in mind when you first made this track and was there a specific concept you originally had in mind for the track?

Butcha: I don't think any of us had anything in mind, as far as who we wanted to get on it. We were just vibing one night in the studio in 2011, I had brought my micro korg with me and I was playing around with the arpeggio on one of the patches, over a drum break the Buda and Grandz had chopped. The concept for the track was always Sho Nuff because of the sample we used from the movie.

When you first made this beat did you expect it to land you such a major placement or was it a beat that got picked and surprised you with where it landed?

We knew it was a really dope track, we just didn't think it was gonna turn out the way it did, its was getting a lot of buzz, even getting burn on Hot 97, DJ Funkmaster Flex has been making a movie out the track since.

I’ve seen you talking about this on Twitter a little bit but to expand on it, what was the full process like for shopping this beat? I mean this both in terms of reaching out to people and how long it took to go from your own instrumental to being a full song on Juelz’s project.

Its hard work.  Its a lot of networking, and just following through.  We personally handed Juelz our CD the night we had a session, and the rest is history.

If you don’t mind me asking, what software and equipment did you use to create this track from start to finish?

This joint was made in Ableton, Butcha was on the keys on this joint, all the synth sounds were from the Micro Korg, GrandZ and I did the drums, added the Sho Nuff sample and arranged it.

What are your favorite songs and beats (one of each) from the God Will’n mixtape and why?

We all like the Nobody Safe and Turn It Up tracks, both beats were crazy.

I know you always tell producers to make sure that their drums knock hard when you judge events and you definitely practice what you preach, especially on this track. Without giving any of your signature techniques away, are there any tips you’d give to producers to help their drums hit harder?

Stacking sounds, chopping breaks, compression and eq

Having secured major placements yourself with artists such as Juelz Santana, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks, what advice would you give to up and coming producers in regards to shopping their beats and locking in placements of their own?

Our main advice would be get out there & meet people, networking & building relationships with people are probably the most important thing, and always work hard and perfect your craft.

Are there any other placements or records that you can talk about and that we can look forward to from you in 2013?

Butcha has a track on the next Lloyd Banks project hosted by DJ Drama, and me and Grandz got some more records with Juelz, Styles P, and some other major artists we can't speak on just yet!!

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