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iStandard Fresh Finghaz: Justin “J.T.” Trawick

While in Atlanta for the 8th Annual A3C Hip Hop Festival I was walking through the lobby of my hotel with a couple homies and saw a dude with an MPC walking to his room I assumed. Immediately I stopped him to see what his story was and it turns out that he just so happened to be Justin “J.T.” Trawick who has had some placement on some pretty big records. We chopped it up for a minute and exchanged info and when I returned home I thought that J.T. would be a perfect candidate for the next installment of iStandard Fresh Finghaz. I hit the homie up and here we are with a dope new face and new finghaz. Check out or conversation and make sure you hit the homie up with a follow and cop some beats!

What’s good homie, take a minute to introduce yourself to the readers. Tell them who you are, let them know your resume.

My name is Justin “J.T.” Trawick. I’m from Columbus, GA.  I graduated from Full Sail and worked at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta.  I've produced tracks like, “Nasty Nigga”- Kirko Bangz ft. Tyga, “Drank Smoke” - CyHi The Prynce ft. Big K.R.I.T. and Yelawolf, “Still My Nigga” –Kirko Bangz, “Say I Won’t” – Propain ft Bun B and Chamillionaire, and “Tall” –Alley Boy ft. Young Dro.  Just to name a few.

How would you describe your style? 

I would describe my style as being soulful, southern, country.  Emotional, it gives you emotion, whether it’s good, bad, all of the above...I don’t know.  Whatever I feel, that’s how the beat feel. That’s my sound.

Take us through the first time you found out you were getting a major placement, what was that experience like? Who was it with?

My first major placement, was Alley Boy “Tall”. I was working as an assistant mix engineer at Patchwerk Studios in 2007 when I met him. We were mixing some of his songs. We just vibed and got along good.  Fast forward to 2009…. I heard he was out of jail.  So, I contacted him and sent him some beats.  It took him like two weeks to call me back. I thought he wasn’t feelin’ my tracks, but when I got a call from him saying he was gonna use two of my beats and one was the single “Tall” ft.  Dro ….Man, I remember getting off the phone…I was feeling too good. That was one of the best moments cause before then, I’m gonna be real with you, I felt like maybe people weren’t feelin’ the kind of music that I do.  That was the first person I ever sent beats to and for that to happen on my first time I was excited. That was the sign I needed keep producing.

What equipment are you currently working with?

I’m using a MacBook Pro, Duet 2, Reason 5, ProTools 10, MV 8000, and vinyl. I love records.

What is your most memorable moment in the studio?

It was in the studio with CyHi working on some new music, he said, “you know K.R.I.T. got on that Drank Smoke?” To be honest with you man, Big K.R.I.T. is one of my favorite artists, and I could just tell how K.R.I.T. sounded on the beat that he was feelin’ the track. Everybody was laughing at me in the studio because I kept telling them to play it over again.  On top of that, Yelawolf dropped on the last verse, it was crazy how everything came together. But yeah…so far that has been my best moment in the studio.

What advice would you give upcoming producers that want to be in your position right now? 

Man, I ain’t no where near where I want to be right now lol…..Seriously… all I can say is just be yourself, your true self, your TRUE SELF.  That’s a hard thing to do today with the pressure of fitting in with the trends. But, I feel like, if you are willing to go through all the B.S. just to make it, then you will.  You just gotta have faith and believe in yourself.

What do you have coming up in the near future, any breaking news for iStandard?

Well, I’m working on an album with DJ Ryno.  Also, I have the S.O.S. Come Up Vol. 2 Instrumentals coming soon.   I got some new music coming with Kirko Bangz, Alley Boy, Cyhi the Prynce, Slim Thug, and Jigg.  I am also working on projects with 1-Hundred and Killa Cal-wayne.  A few others big names in the works, so just be on the lookout for me.

Where can readers find you online to listen or follow and like?



Any last words?

Preciate this opportunity man , Shout out to DJ RYNO!  Free Cal-wayne! Follow me on twitter, I damn sho need the followers! LOL!

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