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iStandard Exclusive With S1 About Producing 50 Cent’s “My Life” Featuring Eminem And Adam Levine

With 2012 almost over I took a minute to reflect on all the dope stuff S1 has done this year and it is nothing short of incredible. With that being said on November 26th 50 Cent and Adam Levine will premiere the S1 produced 50 Cent single "My Life" featuring Adam and Eminem on NBC's hit show The Voice. There aren't many bigger stages to have music you created premiere and we at iStandard are proud to to have S1 not only be an iStandard Alum but also a friend.

S1 took some time out from his Thanksgiving yesterday to answer a handful of questions about "My Life" including how the track came about, how it feels to have is premiered in front of millions and more. Take a second to peep the short interview and congratulate S1 on an amazing year.

Congrats on the new placement for 50 Cent’s “My Life” with Eminem and Adam Levine. How did the whole thing happen front to back?  

Well, Big ups to my mans Dre Mckenzie and Tony G(A&R for G-Unit Records) for making the connect for me. I met Dre back in 2008 at the iStandard/One Stop Shop and kept a solid relationship with him.  I would send him beats every month consistently for a couple years until I heard Fif wanted to buy these 2 beats from me.  Remind you that this was back in Fall of 2010.  I went to NY and made a visit to Dre at the G-Unit office.  Fif was in a meeting in the backroom so Dre took me back to meet him.  When Fif saw me, he immediately gets up and leaves the meeting and tells me “I had an APB out on you. You got some HEAT!!!” So we went into his office and he told me the concept of the “My Life” record and spit his verses for me.  He was like “This is gonna be HUGE”.   So for the next year or so 50 cent would mention me in all his interviews about me producing on his album.  Through the grapevine I was hearing Eminem hopped on the record then from an Executive at Interscope Records I was told Adam Levine was gonna be on the record.  Fast forward through 3 mixtapes and 1 album later, the song stood the test of time and its about to come out now as a single.  Nobody but God because its very rare that an artist holds on to a beat for 2 ½ years with the face of music changing so fast these days.  Oh I forgot to mention Just Blaze called me out the blue about a year ago.  He was in the studio with Fif and they was trying to see which one of my beats to put Eminem on.  Fif was saying the beat that is now “My Life” but Just Blaze was trying to talk him into using the other beat that Fif wanted from me.  Crazy huh!

It seems as if this year is really 20S1with all the great placements you’ve had and now your latest big placement is going to premiered in front of millions on NBC’s The Voice, it’s almost surreal for me thinking that I just shook your hand in Madison recently, how does this all feel to you? 

Feels Great! I’m so grateful.  I feel so creatively refreshed again and my focus is on my point now. God is Great!

From being an iStandard Showcase participant to working with Hip Hop's finest, aside from your talent why do you feel you have been involved with some of today’s most prominent artists?  

I think its just being consistent with the music and persistent in your drive.  You have to go out and get it because no one’s gonna give it to ya.  So with me, it’s just habit for me to stay on it at all times. To keep bringing good music and continue to build relationships and plant seeds wherever I go.

Are there any more surprises coming from S1 in 2012 or is this the end cap of the year? What can we expect for you in the first quarter of 2013? 

Well, I produced “Blood Diamonds” on Games new album “Jesus Piece” with my SKP Team Producers J Rhodes and Greg Fears.  Excited for them to have their first major placement!   I’m on like half of this new Lupe album that’s comin Spring 2013.  Producing for Kanye, GOOD, Royce Da 5’9, Malice, Sevyn, John Legend, Elijah Blake, and recently been doing some stuff for Eminem.  And of course working my group Strange Fruit Project on some new material along with some other new artist like Roy English, T. Fowler.

As always we definitely appreciate you taking time out for iStandard! We’re looking forward to hearing “My Life” on November 26th! Do you have any last words about the track itself, I’m sure you’ve heard the whole thing, is there anything you can say about the cut that others may not know and you won’t get in trouble for talking about?  

Surprisingly, I have not heard the final record at all! Lol So I’m just as excited as anyone else to see what they did with the record.  I’m sure its dope tho!  I’m even more excited to see the visuals/video that they shot for it as well.

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