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BackTrack: Fabolous – ‘Body Bags’ & ‘The Wake’ [Produced by I.N.F.O.]


Tell everyone about yourself, background info, etc...

What's good this is I.N.F.O. I've worked with a lot of your favorite artists, Check the credits. My first break was producing "Gotta Love It" for Cam'ron and the rest has been history.  My current situation is over at Cash Money Records and I got a lot in the works so stay tuned.

When and where did you make the track?

I created these joints in my home studio. That's where I primarily work at. When you have your own settings it allows you to go in when you feel the most creative. "Body Bags" I did with my Co-producer Nova (Cam'ron "War", Fabolous "This is Family" and etc.) It's a really old track. Maybe 2006? 'The Wake' is a newer track I did in mid-2009.

What did the artist think when they first heard it?

Fab checked out the batch of joints I gave him, he hit me up saying he wanted me to produce the whole album….haha. So I guess that's good?

What was the studio session like?

I didn't make it to the sessions. The tracks were originally 2-tracked for the TNIC2 mixtape. Fab was out running around doing shows when TNIC2 was put together from my knowledge. Just last month Def Jam decided to release the original songs from the tape as a EP for August 31st. Duro hit my management up last minute whim requesting the sessions. Like he asked for them and wanted to mix em and finish up that same day. I was out of town and had to arrange to get it to him the next day.

First time you heard it on radio or in club what were you thinking?

I heard Body Bags on Hot97 on a random day. I thought to myself  "This doesn't sound like it should be on the radio" because of how dark it sounded. But when you get Fab and Cam on the same track it's only right they get that kind of response.

Anything else you can tell us that revolves around that track (funny story or weird event that happened with the track)?

Nothing real crazy. The Wake was pretty straight forward. Gave him the joint he killed it and that's it. Body Bags, I really ain't sure how he got the track though. Not sure if I gave it to him, my management or Cam'ron. Regardless its history.

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